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Sherry has a problem-solving oriented, non-litigation divorce practice. She practices in all areas of divorce including child custody, child support, alimony, and property division. Sherry has experience dealing with business valuations, pensions and other types of retirement plans, stock options and other corporate benefits, self employed individuals, inherited and gifted property, joint custody and co-parenting arrangements, college planning and other complex issues that may arise in the context of divorce. While working with the client to reach resolution on these issues, Sherry provides support and understanding recognizing that these are acutely sensitive matters.


Sherry is an experienced mediator and works with parties and their attorneys before, during, or after divorce to settle issues. She maintains neutrality while working with the parties to come to a fair agreement that meets their individual needs based on their unique circumstances. Sherry is aware that creativity and open mindedness are critical to the process. She uses modern technology to enhance the mediation process. Technological Tools Her goal is to help the parties achieve a "win-win" result.

Collaborative Law

Sherry is trained in the practice of collaborative law, which is a problem solving approach to legal issues that does not use adversarial techniques. In collaborative law both parties work with attorneys who are trained in the collaborative law model and they each pledge:

  • To resolve issues without going to court
  • To disclose all pertinent financial information
  • To act in good faith
  • To communicate respectfully and constructively with each other
  • To hear and understand what is important to each party so that both parties' interests can be addressed

Neutral experts may be added to the collaborative team as needed; for example, a mediator, individual coaches for each party, a child specialist, or a financial expert. Each member of the multi-disciplinary team is committed to successful problem resolution without going to court through finding creative solutions to problems and cooperative negotiation.

The parties benefit from collaborative law by:

  • Staying out of court
  • Utilizing a model that is designed to result in a settlement that meets each party's needs and optimizes the parties' resources
  • Investing their financial resources in a skilled team of experts who are all directed at helping them reach a successful outcome, instead of litigation costs
  • Continuing a good relationship, or improving their relationship, after divorce--which is essential for co-parenting



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