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Sherry provides attentive, efficient and effective legal services. Sherry's approach to client representation is resolution oriented, not litigation oriented. She takes her role as "counselor at law" seriously and guides, educates and supports her clients so they can make well-reasoned decisions. She does not mystify the law. Sherry knows that each client's case is of utmost importance to the client and the client deserves an attorney who will be personally responsive to his or her needs. Sherry uses voicemail and e-mail to maintain regular and timely contact with her clients. She is sensitive to the personal and emotional needs of clients and assists clients to resolve legal issues with professionalism and the minimum of distress and disruption. Sherry brings to bear more than 25 years of legal experience in the Ann Arbor area, where she has longstanding community ties and an excellent reputation. Sherry understands that she can best serve the needs of her clients when she knows the court system, the attorneys, the other professionals, and the community and therefore she limits her practice to Washtenaw County. When the needs of the client are outside her area of expertise, Sherry will make the appropriate referral.


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